If you don't live close to a yoga studio or you are looking to develop a home yoga practice, this offer is perfect for you 🙌 Within a private Facebook group there will be at least 2 live yoga classes per week. a gentle flow and a yin/restorative class each going for around 30mins. The classes will be live with the recordings posted for you to do again anytime. All the classes will be beginner friendly and the group is open for you to ask questions or make requests on what you want classes to focus on.

As a bonus I will be doing a Live of my Yoga Basics Workshop for anyone completely new who would like a little guidance before starting or anyone wanting to refresh on the foundations.

🙏Weekly virtual yoga classes will be delivered through Facebook lives in a private Facebook group.

🙏Each week there will be at least 2 x 30min classes, a gentle flow and a yin/restorative style class. There will also be extra classes and guided meditations. 

🙏The live classes will be recorded and posted in the group for you to practice/re-watch at any time

🙏All classes can be practiced in your own home with no fancy props needed, all of my classes are beginner friendly.

🙏Access to this private Facebook group will be on a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime

🙏Your investment = $22 per month (direct debited from your account)

Want to try a couple of virtual classes before committing?

You can get a 2 week trial for FREE - follow these instructions

  1. Request to join this private Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/327371287916262

  2. In the question box enter - your email address ‘trial’

  3. After your 2 week trial, I will email you to see if you loved the group and want to stay

Free 5mins guided relaxation in Viparita Kirani (legs up the wall)