Gentle Energy Healing - Online Program

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Gentle Energy Healing - Online Program


gently heal your main energy centers to bring balance in all areas of your life.

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Gentle Energy Healing is a self guided online program. Guiding you to bring balance within the main energy centers of your body.

Energy healing is a beautifully gentle way to clear away trapped and stored emotions and tension. Taking the gentle steps we clear away the energy that is holding us in our currently reality, clearing our path towards the energetic vibration we need in order to live in the life we desire.

Each chakra governs a different aspect of our life, when we balance the energy, we balance that area of our life.

Root - safety, stability and security
Sacral - femininity, abundance, sensuality
Solar Plexus - masculinity, personal power
Heart - peace, unconditional love
Throat - authentic expression, communication
Third Eye - intuition, imagination
Crown - connection, spirituality

In this program you can release the instability that leaves you feeling on edge and stressed by using simple healing techniques to clear the root chakra. You can get in touch with the joy of being in a human body by balancing the sacral chakra, releasing shame you have over your physical form. All of the action in this program is simple yet profound.

Included are journal prompts, guided meditations, affirmations and more to guide you on a gentle journal of releasing all the energy that is holding you down.