Episode 13 - Mind Power with Heather Musgrove & John Vasta

Two guests joined me in this episode to discuss the power of the mind, coping with the pace of life and creating anything you want for your life. Heather and John have run retreats, seminars and meditation courses together for years, both bringing their own backgrounds to this partnership. John Vasta is a leading expert and pioneer in the field of Personal Development and Mindfulness coaching with over 30 years experience teaching many thousands of people in Australia and Internationally. He first became involved in Mind Power, Mindfulness coaching and personal development after saving his own life from a life threatening supposedly incurable illness by successfully applying Mindfulness techniques and then using them in every other area of his own personal life. Heather Musgrove is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nurse and Midwife who specializes in holistic, individualised care through diet, lifestyle and nutritional therapy.

Find out more about their retreats here https://vastaretreats.com/ insta - @vasta_retreats_australia

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