Episode 11 - Healing & emotional alchemy with Rozlyn Zelinda

In this episode I chat with Rozlyn Zelinda, a soul mentor and life coach. We chat about healing, where our wounds comes from, emotional alchemy and more.

Rozlyn started her journey of healing once she learned how to transcend her own childhood adversity. This led her to study the healing arts of Pranayama Breathwork and Ancient Shamanic traditions   She has been fortunate to train all over the world from the great Shamans in Peru, to Tantricas in Costa Rica and Bali, even gurus in India and Planetary Grid Activators at some of the most sacred sites in the world.   She has extracted the most transformational healing modalities from her journey and now guides people through life-changing mentoring programs. You can connect with Rozlyn @rozlyn_zelinda on instagram and find out more about her online program here https://rozlynzelinda.lpages.co/emotional-alchemy/