Episode 9 - Decentre your appearance with Jessica Jo Fisher

We talk about how to decentre your appearance and feeling confident in your style.

Jessica Jo Fisher loved clothes so much she went to school to study them but realized that focusing so much on external appearance was causing her to lose confidence in who she was and how she saw herself. So, she took on the work of improving her relationship to her body and appearance starting with her style and, ultimately, changing her entire perspective on appearance, body positivity, and style. She now helps women to show up proudly as themselves so that they can stop wasting their time, money, effort, and self worth on trying to fix their appearance and put those resources toward what truly matters most to them. You can learn more about Jessie and her work over on Instagram (@jessicajofisher) or get information about private and small group coaching opportunities on her website, www.jessicajofisher.com.