Episode 16 - Personal Power with Amy Mackenzie

Amy and I chat about stepping into our personal power, when we give our power away and how we can call it back in to design our own life.


Amy Mackenzie, Founder of Designing her Life, is a full-of-heart but holds-no-punches coach, mentor and personal cheerleader for sensitive, soulful and seriously passionate womxn who are doing deep self work while stepping up in their souls work.

Amy works with big hearted women who are called to live a life with more meaning and want to leave a legacy through the work that they do. It is their fears of being seen, being judged, being ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ that have kept them playing small.

Her heart dances between her business, travelling the world, soulful conversations and making memories with her loved ones.

You can get to know your own woman within through the ‘what she said’ inner voice activation series over at Designingherlife.com or be inspired socially and continue to connect over on the DHL Instagram account @designingherlife