Episode 15 - Earth Wisdom with Jess Bartholomew

In this episode we talked about wisdom from the earth, the bridge between plants and people, what we can learn from flowers, embracing femininity and so much more soul nourishing goodness.

Jess Bartholomew is a life coach, flower essence practitioner, plant medicine woman, and the creatrix of Botanical Soul; an online sanctuary dedicated to weaving soul and energy medicine with the wisdom and gifts of the Earth.

With a background in women’s empowerment coaching, soul and energy mentoring, and plant-based healing, Jess offers private one-on-one sessions, creates digital products, and shares wisdom and teachings aimed to inspire and empower her community.

Through her one-on-one sessions, Jess guides sensitive souls through a journey of personal reclamation, reconnection, and deep healing. Her holistic approach acknowledges the interconnected nature of her clients experience, supporting their return to wholeness and balance across all levels - body, mind, and soul.

Deeply inspired by nature, Jess acts as a bridge between plants and people; connecting her clients with the medicine their soul seeks while nurturing their connection with the natural world.

You can connect with Jess at http://www.botanicalsoul.co/ Insta @jessica_kali Facebook @botanicalsoul.co