Episode 18 - Soul Radiance with Lauren McMullen

I share a soulful conversation with Lauren about living with soul radiance, living as the person you are designed to be and feeling fulfilled.

Lauren McMullen is an a Intuitive Fulfillment Coach who helps women upgrade their mindset & align with their inner power so that they feel fulfilled in life & business. She is the host of Soul Radiant Radio podcast & a photographer.

Connect with Lauren - SoulRadiantlife@gmail.com Website: www.soulradiantlife.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamlaurenmcmullen

Episode 17 - Self-Care for Shift-Workers with Jude Butcher

Jude and I share a conversation around self-care for shift-workers and withdrawing from life when you need to go inwards.

Jude Butcher balances life as a shift worker for NSW Ambulance Control Centre , embracing all things soulful & stylish & trying to keep clear and on track . Her main mantra : celebrate those around you , they’re trying their hardest too!

Follow Jude on Insta @judebutcher

Episode 16 - Personal Power with Amy Mackenzie

Amy and I chat about stepping into our personal power, when we give our power away and how we can call it back in to design our own life.


Amy Mackenzie, Founder of Designing her Life, is a full-of-heart but holds-no-punches coach, mentor and personal cheerleader for sensitive, soulful and seriously passionate womxn who are doing deep self work while stepping up in their souls work.

Amy works with big hearted women who are called to live a life with more meaning and want to leave a legacy through the work that they do. It is their fears of being seen, being judged, being ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ that have kept them playing small.

Her heart dances between her business, travelling the world, soulful conversations and making memories with her loved ones.

You can get to know your own woman within through the ‘what she said’ inner voice activation series over at Designingherlife.com or be inspired socially and continue to connect over on the DHL Instagram account @designingherlife

Episode 15 - Earth Wisdom with Jess Bartholomew

In this episode we talked about wisdom from the earth, the bridge between plants and people, what we can learn from flowers, embracing femininity and so much more soul nourishing goodness.

Jess Bartholomew is a life coach, flower essence practitioner, plant medicine woman, and the creatrix of Botanical Soul; an online sanctuary dedicated to weaving soul and energy medicine with the wisdom and gifts of the Earth.

With a background in women’s empowerment coaching, soul and energy mentoring, and plant-based healing, Jess offers private one-on-one sessions, creates digital products, and shares wisdom and teachings aimed to inspire and empower her community.

Through her one-on-one sessions, Jess guides sensitive souls through a journey of personal reclamation, reconnection, and deep healing. Her holistic approach acknowledges the interconnected nature of her clients experience, supporting their return to wholeness and balance across all levels - body, mind, and soul.

Deeply inspired by nature, Jess acts as a bridge between plants and people; connecting her clients with the medicine their soul seeks while nurturing their connection with the natural world.

You can connect with Jess at http://www.botanicalsoul.co/ Insta @jessica_kali Facebook @botanicalsoul.co

Episode 13 - Mind Power with Heather Musgrove & John Vasta

Two guests joined me in this episode to discuss the power of the mind, coping with the pace of life and creating anything you want for your life. Heather and John have run retreats, seminars and meditation courses together for years, both bringing their own backgrounds to this partnership. John Vasta is a leading expert and pioneer in the field of Personal Development and Mindfulness coaching with over 30 years experience teaching many thousands of people in Australia and Internationally. He first became involved in Mind Power, Mindfulness coaching and personal development after saving his own life from a life threatening supposedly incurable illness by successfully applying Mindfulness techniques and then using them in every other area of his own personal life. Heather Musgrove is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nurse and Midwife who specializes in holistic, individualised care through diet, lifestyle and nutritional therapy.

Find out more about their retreats here https://vastaretreats.com/ insta - @vasta_retreats_australia

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Episode 12 - Authentic Expression

In a solo episode I share a little behind the scenes on my month, mainly the energy work I did that allowed me to authentically express my story and become a published author.

You can invest in your own energy healing in my online program here - http://byrachelwhite.com/shop-1/gentle-energy-healing-online-program

You can purchase a copy of my book here - https://www.amazon.com/Gentle-Glow-connect-transform-vibrant/dp/1691077046

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Episode 11 - Healing & emotional alchemy with Rozlyn Zelinda

In this episode I chat with Rozlyn Zelinda, a soul mentor and life coach. We chat about healing, where our wounds comes from, emotional alchemy and more.

Rozlyn started her journey of healing once she learned how to transcend her own childhood adversity. This led her to study the healing arts of Pranayama Breathwork and Ancient Shamanic traditions   She has been fortunate to train all over the world from the great Shamans in Peru, to Tantricas in Costa Rica and Bali, even gurus in India and Planetary Grid Activators at some of the most sacred sites in the world.   She has extracted the most transformational healing modalities from her journey and now guides people through life-changing mentoring programs. You can connect with Rozlyn @rozlyn_zelinda on instagram and find out more about her online program here https://rozlynzelinda.lpages.co/emotional-alchemy/

Episode 10 - Moving with your cycle with Katie Tankard

In this episode I chat with the beautiful soul Katie Tankard. Katie shares her experience with PCOS, coming off the pill, learning about how our cycle impacts our physical strength and how we can use this knowledge when planning our workouts and movement.

Katie is the owner of Thrive Fitness and Wellbeing, a personal trainer, yoga teacher and health coach. You can connect with Katie - @thrivefitnessandwellbeing on Facebook and Instagram and on her website https://www.thrivefitnessandwellbeing.com.

You can connect with me @byrachelwhite on social media and on my website www.byrachelwhite.com

Episode 9 - Decentre your appearance with Jessica Jo Fisher

We talk about how to decentre your appearance and feeling confident in your style.

Jessica Jo Fisher loved clothes so much she went to school to study them but realized that focusing so much on external appearance was causing her to lose confidence in who she was and how she saw herself. So, she took on the work of improving her relationship to her body and appearance starting with her style and, ultimately, changing her entire perspective on appearance, body positivity, and style. She now helps women to show up proudly as themselves so that they can stop wasting their time, money, effort, and self worth on trying to fix their appearance and put those resources toward what truly matters most to them. You can learn more about Jessie and her work over on Instagram (@jessicajofisher) or get information about private and small group coaching opportunities on her website, www.jessicajofisher.com.

Episode 8 - Strengths, Mindset and Self-care with Jo Kathleen Marie

In this episode we talk about living your best life by sing your strengths, how important awareness and mindset is and what it really means to practice self-care. Jo Kathleen Marie is a personal development coach, positive psychology practitioner and the founder of Create Your Life Academy among other things. Her primary focus is on building and enhancing well-being, resilience and supporting others in accessing their full potential. You can connect with Jo on social media @jokathleenmarie and by visiting her website www.jokathleenmarie.com

Episode 7 - Everything you need is already within you

In a solo episode from me I want you to receive the message loud and clear that you are perfect as you are and everything you need is already within you. I talk about how working with a coach will amplify and bring to the surface what is already inside of you, waiting to come out.

You can ready more about my coaching services at www.byrachelwhite.com/coaching and find me on Facebook and Instagram @byrachelwhite

Episode 6 - Self Love & Body Image with Brooke Lindsay

In this episode Brooke shares her experiences with self-love and body image having been exposed to the modelling industry since she was 13 years old. Now a signed model and self-love coach Brooke advocates for what she calls "The Three Pillars of Life", self-love, health and happiness. Brooke’s story as a model relates to all of us who have ever felt like we needed to change our body due to societal pressures. She shares how she changed her mindset to love her body as it is while thriving in the industry.

You can connect with Brooke on Instagram and Facebook @bybrookelindsay and on her website www.selfloveresource.com