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GLOW is here to activate your

Your divine internal guidance system that is waiting for you to hear its whispers, your intuition has always been a limitless source of wisdom within you.

INNER DESIRES: You know what you truly want, you will reconnect with your soul’s yearnings and feel confident declaring your wants to the Universe.

INNER LIGHT: Your beautifully unique essence is shining so brightly within you just waiting for you to clear the darkness and allow it to glow into the world.


Life before GLOW Life after GLOW

You hear your alarm and an internal battle begins for just 5 more minutes, you press snooze (maybe 3 or 4 times) before waking up at the latest possible time before jumping out of bed in a rush to get out the door.

After GLOW - You wake up just before your alarm goes off, you feel excited for the day ahead which enables you to effortlessly rise. You take in some deep breaths, center yourself and feel grateful that you have time to light yourself up during your morning.

You have a choice to make, you spend hours googling, asking your friends and family for opinions, going to clairvoyants and second guessing your decision at least 10 times.

After GLOW - You know exactly how to listen to your own internal guidance system, your intuition, you receive messages from within and then act on that guidance with trust and confidence.

You get an idea or some inspiration and put everything into place to make a Big change only to find yourself back where you started within a few days. You don’t understand why you continue to self-sabotage and yo-yo through change.

After GLOW - You know that it is the small, consistent and aligned steps that are going to move you forwards. You are so connected to your ‘in-it-for-life’ desires that you keep taking steps forward even when you fall back from time to time.

You feel a sense of heaviness from pressure, expectations and responsibility. Sometimes you feel like other people are in control of your potential.

After GLOW - You KNOW that you are the designer of your life. You know you can create and manifest whatever you desire.

You constantly feel like time is against you. You feel trapped in a paradox of not having enough time to get everything done and just wanting the day to be over.

After GLOW - You understand that time is something YOU CREATE, not something you have. You are a person of prompt action who easily gets everything you desire to done while creating time for rest and play.


Program details…

Δ Commencing on the 24th of October

Δ 5 Modules over 5 weeks

Δ 2 sessions per week - Module call + Breathwork & Visualization

Δ Bonus Welcome & Celebration calls

Δ $555 (payment plans available)

Δ All happening in a private Facebook group (live schedule released upon joining and all replays posted)

Δ add on option $111 to include a one on one session during the program