GENTLE VITALITY - Yoga & Self Love Online Program

This program is here for women who have been struggling on their journey towards their most vital self for some time. For women who know that there is more to life than how they are currently experiencing it. For women who are craving a nurturing and feminine guide. For women who do not respond to the masculine ‘go hard or go home’ and ‘if you aren’t getting results you aren’t trying hard enough.’ This program is for women who are ready to start a shift in their life in a gentle and supportive way. If you connect with this, keep reading.

I loved looking forward to the weekly topics and learning so much. The timing was perfect as I had decided this was my year to look after me. This program has taught me so much about a lot of interesting topics, mostly a lot about myself. I have much more purpose to my life, am much more comfortable with who I am and I now truly believe that “everything I need is within me & I am enough”
— Fiona Matthews

This program is designed to support you in a gentle journey towards vitality.

Vitality in the mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are looking to reduce stress, make peace with your body, find more meaning in life or love yourself more - this program is about leaning into your feminine nature, connecting to the best part of yourself and gently making shifts in your life that move you towards vitality.

Each week we dive into a new topic and gently make our way through. Starting with gaining crystal clear clarity on how you truly desire your life to look and feel. We then look at what you are consuming, understanding yourself, self-love, gratitude and more.

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Gentle Vitality combines restorative yoga, self love and self discovery exercises and more into a 7 week guided online program.

Included in the program
🙏 Program guide booklet containing information to get you started and a section on each weekly topic with worksheets and activities to help you dive in a little deeper and assist you to gently move through blocks.
🙏 Online videos diving deeper into each weekly topic
🙏 Restorative Yin Yoga sequence per week included in your booklet (plus access to video recording) and bonus meditation videos
🙏 Plus extra videos on meditation, positive affirmations and more
🙏 Plus bonus videos from guest contributors
🙏 Access to a private Facebook group with other participants, a safe place to connect and share
🙏 Facebook Lives with opportunity to ask questions - Including a special group Intention Ceremony to commence the program
🙏 3 month access to my Virtual Yoga group where there are plenty of gentle flow and restorative yoga videos for you to practice with more being uploaded every week

A gentle program to bring some mindfulness and insight into your energy and vitality. Easy to read and follow with great online support and instructions.
— Mel Livens

You, beautiful lady, are oh so worthy of this investment in yourself. Make no mistake that you deserve a life full of vitality, joy and abundance.

Pricing Options

Online Program (including everything listed above) - $155 You can purchase and self pace your program, everything you need will be provided, or you can participate in the next group start date.

Personalised Support - $567 in addition to all the online resources you receive
Weekly 30-minute video chat check ins to discuss your journey, goals and blocks throughout the 7 week program. 2 x per week yoga classes for the duration of your program (in any of my group weekly classes). Yoga sequence plans customized to your personal limitations, injuries or focus areas.

Weekly payment plans are available for both options - contact me directly for details.

I found this program beneficial and would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn more about who they are and how to bring out the best in themselves. I loved reading the information in the booklet and thinking about how it applied to myself and my environment. I loved the support you gave to each participant and were able to customise and personalise my program.
— Emma Clarke

The next group start date is 22nd July 2019

Starting with the group will connect you with other women on the same journey as you. You will also be able to take part in the group Intention Ceremony, when groups of people come together to meditate, set intention and heal, we all add energy to each others journey.

Everything you need is already within you, this program will bring all that is within you to the surface on your journey towards your most vital self in a gentle and nurturing way.


Would you like a little taste of the program before you commit?

You can sign up to a sample of the program by completing your details below x You will receive access to most of the pre-program contents and videos, covering these topics

⭐️ Importance of Restorative Practices & Honoring Cycles
⭐️ Meditation & Pranayama Intro
⭐️Creating Powerful Positive Affirmations
⭐️ Creating your Magical Morning Ritual