Wellness at Work

This morning I ran a round circle workshop on bringing more flow and grace into the workplace. Focusing on the plant magic of essential oils and their power to combat stress and increase focus, I also covered some breathing techniques, desk yoga poses and other info aimed at bringing more flow (and less stress) to the work desk.

Let’s start with why – I think we can all agree that being in a constant state of Stress is not good for us (or anyone around us) you can read a long list of negative impacts here 

Unfortunately a lot of stress that occurs in our life happens in the workplace (where we spend a lot of our waking hours). According to report Beyond Blue compiled in 2014 - one in five Australians (21%) have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy. A 2016 report by Barna Research for Reventure produced some interesting findings on the Australian Workplace. 29% of Australian workers feel a high amount of stress often or always at work and 44% sometimes feel a high amount of stress related to work. That is 73% of Australians at least feel stressed sometimes at work. The report also states that Millennials claim to feel stress at work more often vs. older generations and 34% of workers agreed, “I feel a lot of negative energy in my workplace”

I am sure I don’t need to state statistics to convince you of the stress you may feel but these numbers tell a story of a bigger national issue. While it seems like a huge task to change this issue on a national level what we can do to address these alarming statistics (which unfortunately are showing strong negative trends) is start with ourselves and create a ripple effect with the people around us.

Managing Stress at Work with Essential Oils

If you have never heard of essential oils before, in a nut shell they are highly concentrated pure extracts from plants. Not only do essential oils smell divine they are a natural and effective solution to a range of emotional and physical areas of our overall wellness.

You can use them aromatically, topically and internally – just make sure your oils are high quality (I use, love and trust doTERRA)

My faves to use at work (and any other time) that I am feeling stressed or a little anxious are -

Lavender – Research into the impact of inhaling (smelling from the bottle or diffusing) lavender essential oil  on the central nervous system revealed that it decreased blood pressure, reduces the heart rate and skin temperature while also increasing theta and alpha brain activity (more to come on brain frequencies in a future post, in summary alpha is where we want to be more of the time). Calming the central nervous system thus can reduce feelings of stress.

Frankincense – a 2008 study found that one of the compounds in frankincense has properties that reduce anxiety as well as depressive behaviour. Franky is basically the king of oils and when using for stress you are giving all the cells in your body love as well.

Some other oils I love when dealing with stressful situations (or people) are Balance (grounding blend) and Console (comforting blend)

There are many other tools you can bring into the workplace to protect your energy and reduce your stress, like pranayama (controlled breathing), crystals, I love my earthing mat, taking meditation beaks and many more. The most powerful thing you can have in your tool-kit when dealing with stress at work is having an awareness of what your stress-triggers are – if it is a particular person, make sure you protect your energy around them. If it is tight deadlines, put practices in place to ensure you are organised. A lot of things that cause us stress at work can be outside of our control so remember how you react is something you do have control over. 

Increasing Focus

InTune – a blend specifically formulated to improve Focus. It promotes calmness, focus and a balance state of mind.

Rosemary – powerful brain stimulate that helps with memory

Peppermint – mood enhancer that helps with concentration

All citrus oils for mood enhancement, my faves are Wild Orange and Bergamot

Other oils that are goodies to keep at your desk

OnGuard – protective blend for our immunity system, a good one to have when you spend time around a lot of different people – you can mix with water in a spray bottle to clean your desk and sanitise your hands instead of using toxic store products.

PastTense – tension blend – amazing to have with you if you experience headaches and good for the neck tension that comes with staring at a computer screen all day

Passion – inspiring blend – I love this oil when I need a little inspiration to get stuff done


If you want to bring more flow and grace into your workplace by letting go of stress or increasing your focus (maybe both) think of one small change you can start with on your next day at work.

Love Rach


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