Directions out of Excuse City

There are two options: Make progress or make excuses

It has been a fair while since I have posted on my blog (almost an entire year!) and I have been thinking about writing a post in all those silent months, even writing down topic ideas in my phone as they come to my mind and I have a few started and in-complete posts saved on my laptop. Posting on my blog was just something I ‘never got to.’

This morning I was filled with thoughts on how a lot of people around me were ‘full of excuses’ and in their mind, their excuses were perfectly logical ‘reasons’ they couldn’t do X, Y or Z EVEN THOUGH doing these things would bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. Then I found myself feeling frustrated that all these people were making excuses, it was in that moment a little voice piped up in my mind saying, ‘kind of like the excuses you are making.’

I smiled to myself as the feelings of frustration melted away, I realised it wasn’t about all those other people making excuses, because to be honest their choice to do or not do something wasn’t really having any impact on my life. I was triggered because when I thought I was looking out on others, I was actually looking in the mirror.

My excuses for not posting on the blog or promoting my coaching work were things like ‘I don’t have time.’ ‘I spend too much time already in front of screens’ (this one while I spent an entire day watching Netflix on my phone) ‘I should be doing this, this and this instead’ (again while I procrastinated from those other things in a lot of different ways) and then the stories I would tell myself ‘no-one will read it anyway or find it useful.’ ‘What if people do read it, what will they think!’ ‘Everyone already knows everything that I know.’ ‘There is too much amazing blogs already, everyone will be too busy reading those.’

These thoughts are all excuses, all driven by fear, and maybe a little laziness (which is a product of fear). Even though I know that I love writing, I love sharing my ideas and I love using my thoughts as a starting point for conversation and collaboration with others, I let the fear and excuses deter me. Honestly if not a single soul read this blog post, that would be ok. Maybe I will write something that has been shared a hundred times before but the way I write it makes it click for someone for the first time, or maybe someone will read this and think I have a no idea what I am talking about. Either way is fine with me. I write as an expression of myself and while I write with the intention of inspiring new thoughts or perspectives in others, this post is as much for my own joy as potential reader’s growth.

So if you are reading this beautiful, let me ask you – What excuses are you holing onto that are stopping you from doing something you really want to?

Below are some simple directions on getting yourself out of excuse city and into joy land. While these directions are simple in theory, they can be a little more challenging to put into practice so have patience and above all fun while traveling along the path, if you need to take a detour before you are ready for your next turn, that’s cool – keep going at a pace that feels good for you.

STEP 1 - Let go of the fear

Take a moment to write all your excuses down, every single one, and then scrunch them up and throw them in the rubbish (where they belong). All our excuses are driven by our fear, all of them. Even procrastinating is driven by fear. When we call our excuses out for what they are, it enables us to consciously let them go.

STEP 2 - Embrace your desires

Have you ever been asked the question ‘What do you want?’ and not been able to articulate your answer in words? It could be ‘what do you want for dinner?’ ‘what do you want to get out of your career in the next year?’ ‘what do you want your relationship with a particular person to look it?’

A lot of us make a habit out of being indecisive (especially us ladies) and this is really fear of fully expressing ourselves. What ever you truly desire in life, embrace it. Let go of the excuses connected with what other people will think or say if you do a certain thing or act a certain way.

Get really clear on what it is you truly desire out of your life, career, business, relationships, even what you want out of your weekend, the new laptop you want and everything in between. Nothing you desire could ever be ‘bad’ or ‘good’ for that matter – it just is. Embrace what you desire.

So let me ask you, what do YOU want?  - make a list now!

STEP 3 - Take action

Now that you know what you want – go and get it hunny! If its something you can do write now (like write a blog post or go for a walk or take that bath or apply for that job) then do it! Or set a time, put it in your calendar and show up for yourself when the appointment comes around. If its something that will take time, think about the small consistent steps you can start to take every day. You will be amazing how far along a path you can get taking one small step at a time.

The act of openly expressing what you want is in itself a powerful act that helps the universe guide opportunities aligned with your desires toward you.

In summary, throw away your excuses, get clear on what you want and start moving towards just that.

With Love,