2017 - The Year of Grit & Grace

Every year I set a new theme, 2015 it was ‘Focus on what Matters’ 2016 was ‘Hell Yes or No’ and 2017 is my favourite to date ‘Grit and Grace’

I am taking on a lot of new and exciting ventures this year as well as taking some existing things next level. I will take on everything with Grit, basically the perseverance and discipline to get shit done. I know exactly what I want to achieve this year and long term and I am 100% committed to doing what needs to be done to get there and I will do it all with all the grit I have. While taking on a very full schedule I will do this all with Grace, I will protect my energy and not let the long to do lists or anything else cause stress to enter my life. I will executive my grit with ease and grace. Everything will flow in perfect timing. I am not fooling myself to think that challenges will not come up along the way or that at times I will not feel pressure. I will choose to look at the challenges and the pressure as opportunities for growth and in doing that look at them with love, take them on and then let them go.

I have 4 major goals I want to focus on this year

-          Being the most vibrant, energetic and joyful version of myself

-          Being the best business advisor and accountant that I can be

-          Developing a meaningful service project in my year as President of my Rotary club

-          Delivering life changing services through mindset coaching and yoga

All of these goals fall under my purpose and guiding compass to serve my community to the absolute best of my ability.

This year I have already started my Yoga Teacher Training which I will finish this year as well. I will teach my first public yoga class in just a couple of weeks, this makes me so excited and nervous at the same time! Last week I was accepted into Deakin Uni to study the Master of Business Analytics degree, a massive challenge to take on that I am really looking forward to learning from. In the second half of this year I will become the President of my Rotary Club and already have some plans for projects I would like us to contribute to and create. I hike the Great Ocean Walk in Melbourne next month as a challenge to raise funds to end human trafficking with Project Futures, I am planning a couple of final fundraisers to happen next month. I have started developing a really exciting new program for my mindset coaching and yoga business (more to come on this very soon!). I am thinking a hiking trip in Italy is on the cards for the second half of this year and that is just to name a few of the new and exciting plans I have for 2017.

Tonight with the New Moon I will be taking the opportunity to visualise success in achieving all of my goals, giving thanks and expressing gratitude for all that has already fallen into place to make my dreams manifest into reality. Ultimately whether or not I can tick a box to say I achieved that things I listed above is not important, what is important is the journey I will take this year and who knows, maybe what actually happens is better than anything I could have possibility imagined! What I know for sure if that the universe loves and supports me and everything that happens is an opportunity for me to grow.

I share this all with you because I want to encourage you to put your goals out there! Think about your purpose or life guiding mission and what are 3 or 4 things you can focus on to strengthen that? I would love to hear your 2017 goals.


With Love,