Beautiful Insights from the Beautiful You Inspiration Day

The incredible group of Beautiful You Coaches that I completed my training with. All photo's throughout this post were taken by the talent  Fi Mims Photography

The incredible group of Beautiful You Coaches that I completed my training with. All photo's throughout this post were taken by the talent Fi Mims Photography

Last weekend I enjoyed 4 beautiful days in Melbourne, connecting with and hearing from some of the most genuine, loving and amazing women that I have ever come across. The day started with me getting to meet face to face with the beautiful women I completed my life coach training with. The entire day was filled with soul-full conversations, the room was full of buzz and love. The collective energy in the room lifted everyone to a new high and contributed to much of the inspiration of the day.


Below I have shared some of my favourite insights from the speakers - 

Kate James speaking about Mindful Coaching

Kate James speaking about Mindful Coaching

Our first speaker for the day was Kate James from Total Balance who spoke to us about Mindful Coaching. I absolutely loved listening to Kate which was evident by my 5 pages of notes, here are some of my favourite insights from her talk -

“Mindfulness is to pay attention in the present moment, on purpose and without judgement”

You can’t always make a huge difference ‘out there’ but you can always find calm within yourself  - I love this point that Kate made, there is always so much going on and it is so easy to get caught up in the ‘busy’ and chaos and horrible things happening all over the world and it can be overwhelming when we let all of those things consume our mind. We have the power to find the calm within ourselves and take control.

When you learn about mindfulness it shows you how easy it is to be mindless – it really is crazy how often we live on auto-pilot, I sometimes find myself driving and I’ll automatically go in the direction of my house when I was meant to be going somewhere else. Or eating when watching a movie and before you know it the food is all gone. There are so many examples where moments just pass us by and we are so mindless. When you start to learn about mindfulness, you will realise more and more when you are being mindless and by having that awareness you can do something about that.

Our mind has a bias towards the negative. Our mind is constantly labelling everything as either as positive or negative, favourable or unfavourable, good or bad. Our mind has a tendency to fixate more on the negatives. To truly be mindful is to not judge, not label as good or bad but to accept something as it is.

Kate made the point to be present as a coach we need to stand up as who we are and allow that to be enough and that we can’t be afraid to be vulnerable. There is no point pretending to be someone that we are not and if we ever feel stuck we just have to come back to being mindful and something will always flow.


Melissa Ambosini sharing how to Master Your Mean Girl.

Melissa Ambosini sharing how to Master Your Mean Girl.

Next up was Melissa Ambrosini to talk about Mastering Your Mean Girl. I was super excited to hear from Melissa, she was my initial inspiration to explore coaching that lead me to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Share shared with us her 3 step process to Mastering her Mean Girl

For those of you unfamiliar with Melissa’s work your Mean Girl is your ego, that inner critic inside your head.

Step 1: Awareness

When you know something you cannot un-know it. When you shine some light on the areas in your life that your mean girl is holding you back you are then in a position to do something about it. The first step is being aware of exactly what that voice inside your head is saying to you and making you believe.

Step 2: Gently Close the Door

Our Mean Girl is a part of us so there is no use slamming the door or trying to pretend she isn’t there. We can use our ego as a guide to come back to our true path. The only way to re-program the beliefs you have had for 20plus years (or your entire life) is to do something different (that is if you want something different). Gently closing the door is as simple as making a conscious choice to acknowledge your Mean Girl and not get caught up in her story.

Step 3: Choose Love Instead

Instead of having fear as our default setting, choose love. The more you practise this, the easier it gets. Continue to show up and the stronger you will get.


Kerry Jeffery and Johanna Parker

Kerry Jeffery and Johanna Parker

We then got to have a Q&A with a Coaching and Counselling Panel – Johanna Parker and Kerry Jeffery both shared some beautiful insights from both having worked as coaches and counsellors. My favourite insight was around Fear.

The panel shared how as coaches we can support our clients to recognise and acknowledge fear within themselves which may come in the form of procrastination or in-decision among other things. They spoke about how all fear really is, is adrenaline in the body coming from a place of wanting to keep us safe. When you think of fear in that way, it is beautiful. It is only the story that we attach to fear that makes it negative. We need to let fear in for the ride but we can’t allow it to become the decision maker.

Julie Parker - CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker - CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

In her closing speech, the incredible Julie Parker also shared her insights on fear. She said that we need to look at our fear with love. Our darkness has just as much to teach us as our light does so don’t be afraid of yourself. Julie also spoke about faith “you only get one life. You cannot do this again. You will not get a second chance. You must have faith and the conviction to live in your full gift.”



With love, Rachel


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