So you think you're 'busy'?

It seems like the most common greeting I hear now is – been busy? Never really posed as a question though, more like a commiseration on a common struggle.

What happened to – Hi, how are you? Before we assume that everyone is living a crazy busy life?

I am often asked how I ‘find the time’ to fit it all in and still have time for myself. I do tend to have a lot of different things going on at any given time and I always have. This used to cause me so much stress, I wanted to do it all and tried to force things to work way too often. I felt like there was a constant internal battle within me, pulling my attention from commitment to commitment. Even though I did well in majority of the things I was involved in, I was rarely truly focused on the task at hand. I felt like I had to push through my life. My mentality was ‘the struggle will be worth it in the end.’ But after every ‘end’ the next things began.

Fast forward and now I have the same amount of commitments and am constantly taking on new projects and adventures, but the difference? Now everything flows. Everything falls together in perfect timing and things very rarely feel forced or stressful. If those feelings of stress start to creep up I now know how to pull myself back and not get consumed by overwhelm.

Below are 3 key lessons I have learnt that help me get what I want to done and also make sure I spend time on myself.

Think ‘choice’ management not ‘time’ management.

I hear a lot of people justify their lack of organisation with “I am just not good at time management.”

To be honest I think this is a big cop out.

Time is not something we can ‘manage’ simply because we have no control over ‘time’. We are all blessed with the exact same 24 hours each new day, 7 days per week. When we think that we are ‘just not good’ at managing something that is outside of our control it makes sense and we can easily justify our lack of getting stuff done to ourselves.

What we do have control over is our choices. We choose what we prioritise and what we ‘spend our time on.’ We are all responsible for OUR choices, it is our choices that we need to shift our focus onto managing to be able to get more done. Not just ‘more’ done but more of what is important done.

When we think of it as choice management it can be a lot more confronting for us to think that maybe we are just making poor choices. When we take responsibility and hold ourselves fully accountable for what we choose to do we will always get more of the right stuff done.

Remember that when you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. We all make the choice on what we say yes to.

Set priorities and make YOURSELF a priority.

When we are confronted with so many options to choose from and asked to be involved in so many different things, it was be hard to keep up with what we are saying yes to which leads to over committing ourselves. Over commitment tends to lead to either a) burning out with no time to look after yourself or b) creating a habit of not following through with commitments.

A simple way to know when you should be saying yes and when you should be saying no, is to know your priorities and know what you stand for and value.

When you are clear on what it is that you value, whatever it is for you, it becomes easier to know whether or not the opportunity before you is something you should pursue. If it fits in with your values and is something you have the ability to prioritise then great, go for it! If it isn’t aligned with what you want to focus on then say no. You never have to feel bad for saying no, because by doing that you are saying yes to the things you want to focus on.

Setting priorities will help you get more done, every morning ask yourself – what is the most important thing for me to get done today?

Whatever it is, do that first! When we do the important things first the smaller things fall into the gaps however if we start with the smaller not so important things they tend to take up a lot of time and energy and often the bigger important things are postponed.

Know what your priorities are and get your important stuff done first!

Most importantly, make sure that your self-love cup is on your priority list. Do something to fill yourself up, to energise yourself. When you feel good, everything in your life becomes easier and flows more seamlessly.

Transform your ‘Busy Mindset’ into an ‘Abundance Mindset’.

It is like being busy has become an addiction that we try to out-do each other on. It seems like everyone likes to think that they are busier than everyone else around them. Having a lot on is one thing but being at the point of wishing you ‘had the time’ for something but being ‘too busy’ to do it, is another.

Busy-ness often leads to being rushed, making compromises, stress and ultimately burning out. When you live in a busy mindset you always think that you will never have enough time to get it all done.

When we flip the switch and think “I have all the time in the world” and “I have all the time that I need.” We start to create an abundance mindset and we find that we really do have all the time that we need.

Whenever I feel like I am running late or not going to meet a deadline, I stop, take a breath and say to myself “I have all the time that I need.” And I always do.

It sounds so simple but it is so effective, when our mind is racing on overdrive from thinking we don’t have enough time, it takes us longer to do what we need to. When we stop, clear the mind and affirm that we do have the time, we are more focused and everything will fall into place.


So remember -

Think ‘choice’ management not ‘time’ management.

Set priorities and make YOURSELF a priority.

Transform your ‘Busy Mindset’ into an ‘Abundance Mindset’.


You are in control of and are responsible for your choices. You deserve you make yourself a priority. You have all the time that you need to do the things that really matter.


With love,

Rachel  xx