Hi beautiful! I am Rachel White, here to create space for gentle healing and thriving.

I am a soul coach, yogi, author and podcast host. I run coaching programs that guide you in letting your soul take the lead in your life. I teach online yoga classes to connect you with your body and breath. I wrote my book Gentle Glow to take you on a journey connecting to your own inner light. I created my online programs as a resource for you to heal and thrive in your life.

I believe that we are all here to complete our soul’s work on earth, I follow my intuition and let my soul take the lead in my mission here. You can align with your soul’s purpose as well.

I haven’t always lived like this

Growing up I felt an enormous pressure to achieve. As a child I felt like the only time I was ever noticed was when I was winning an award, getting good grades or playing well in the sport teams I was in. As a child I was desperate for external validation because I felt worthless. I felt like I was a boring person who added no value to anyone’s lives.

The first time I remember feeling the call towards helping others was when I was 13. At the time, I thought helping people meant going to a third world country and building a school or raising money to feed the hungry. Back then, my desire to help people came from a place of thinking that my life would never be worth anything so I may as well devote my being to giving other people a better life.

From the outside looking in, everything seemed to be all good. Internally I felt a mix of sad, angry and empty. As a child, I didn’t know how to express any of this. I grew up in a household that was always full of people, I always had to share a bedroom and although I loved my family, I yearned for just moments of stillness and quiet. Moments to have to myself.

To withdraw from the noise, I would often make up fantasies in my mind and withdraw from engaging, I think this is why most people would describe me as a quiet child.

When I was 16 and about to begin year 12, I moved out of my parents home and moved in with my Nonna. It was only me and her there, and I found the peace and quiet that I needed. I still saw my parents and siblings all the time and I also got my quiet space. Looking back, this was the first time in a long time that I started to think that I could create a life that I loved. It was the first time in my childhood that I remember even beginning to like myself.

This moment in my journey still highlights to me the power the environment we place ourselves in has on how we feel living our life.

Throughout high school and university I still carried this pressure to achieve, and to only do things that I was good at. The difference at this point was that I began to let go of the expectations that I thought were coming from other people and began to direct my ambition towards things that I wanted to do, I knew the pressure was coming from within myself and from the thought that I was running out of time to do all of the things that I wanted to in life.

I began working professionally as an accountant when I was 18 - I began this career path with the intention to help people grow their business, I worked part-time while completing my degree, studying full time. Looking back it was the moment that I began working full time in 2014 that a slow dimming of my inner light began, I was never designed to work in that environment but I was chasing ‘success’ so I forced myself to fit in.

And then at the beginning of 2015 we were told that my Pop had only months to live, a week from the day we were told, we were gathered at his funeral. He lived with us growing up and when he passed away, I felt a sense of guilt for how little time I had spent with him since I had left home. My Pop grew up in New Zealand and all of his family still lived over there, this planted the idea in my mind that would change the direction of my life. I decided to go and work in New Zealand for half a year.

When I got to New Zealand, I had an uncomfortable amount of space and time. The point before I moved I had a fully scheduled life. I get to NZ and the only thing I have to do is work and come home. This lead me to begin reading 2 books per week and inhaling so much information about mindfulness, spirituality, self-love, creativity and so much more. For the first time I began to see value in slowing down and loving yourself.

It took me a few years after getting home from NZ to fully leave the life I was living behind but everything I learnt in my time away were the seeds that needed to be planted to lead me towards the life I am designed to live.

As soon as I got home from NZ I signed up for my life coach training and booked a trip to Japan which was the catalyst to me becoming a yoga teacher.

In 2018 I left my accounting career, dropped out of my masters degree and let go of my community positions that were not serving my soul’s mission. I am now doing my soul’s work, working with women to release what is not serving them and to connect with their inner light - to let their soul take the lead and to live incredibly fulfilling lives.

You are a beautiful soul who is so worthy of living a life that you love.

You are enough exactly as you are.

You have everything you need within you already, I would love to work with you to guide your inner light to come forward and take the lead in your life, so that you can surrender the heaviness and step into the vibrant being of light and love that you are here on earth to be.

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Light & Love

on a formal note - QUALIFICATIONS

Beautiful You trained Life Coach
Level 1 certified Yoga Teacher
currently completing Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training
currently completing Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
Graduate of Northern Mallee Leaders Program
Graduate of Vasta Retreat & Advanced Retreat
Bachelor of Accounting
Graduate Diploma of Business Analytics
CPA Program