Episode 8 - Strengths, Mindset and Self-care with Jo Kathleen Marie

In this episode we talk about living your best life by sing your strengths, how important awareness and mindset is and what it really means to practice self-care. Jo Kathleen Marie is a personal development coach, positive psychology practitioner and the founder of Create Your Life Academy among other things. Her primary focus is on building and enhancing well-being, resilience and supporting others in accessing their full potential. You can connect with Jo on social media @jokathleenmarie and by visiting her website www.jokathleenmarie.com

Episode 7 - Everything you need is already within you

In a solo episode from me I want you to receive the message loud and clear that you are perfect as you are and everything you need is already within you. I talk about how working with a coach will amplify and bring to the surface what is already inside of you, waiting to come out.

You can ready more about my coaching services at www.byrachelwhite.com/coaching and find me on Facebook and Instagram @byrachelwhite

Episode 6 - Self Love & Body Image with Brooke Lindsay

In this episode Brooke shares her experiences with self-love and body image having been exposed to the modelling industry since she was 13 years old. Now a signed model and self-love coach Brooke advocates for what she calls "The Three Pillars of Life", self-love, health and happiness. Brooke’s story as a model relates to all of us who have ever felt like we needed to change our body due to societal pressures. She shares how she changed her mindset to love her body as it is while thriving in the industry.

You can connect with Brooke on Instagram and Facebook @bybrookelindsay and on her website www.selfloveresource.com